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The Hispanic Education Center recognizes that education is a key to a successful future.  It is especially crucial for Hispanic immigrants, as they struggle to learn the new language and culture in an unfamiliar environment.

The Hispanic Education Center is run by Sr. Mary Kay Duffy and Sr. Therese Whitsett, S.P..  Holy Spirit Parish has adopted their programs and is endeavoring to support their efforts with school clothes and supplies. We are also looking for people who would be willing to help tutor the children during the school year.

Children's Programs

After School Discovery:  Academic support, skills building and reinforcement, enrichment activities and arts opportunities for children ages 6 through 12.

Summer Discovery is a six-week program that offers challenging curriculum and encourages creativity and discovery of anew interest.  Use of computer programs reinforces basic skills in language arts, reading and mathematics.  Field trips and a service component add  to the interest and excitement that bring the children back year after year.

Programs for Adults

Preparation for Citizenship

Mensajes Para Mujers: A daytime program for Hispanic women providing the participants with proficiency in reading and speaking the English language.  Self-development and training for basic life skills needed to live with an unfamiliar environment.

 General Literacy

 General Education Diploma (GED)

 Computer Basics:  Skills for job improvement

Gift of Time:  Tutoring for the children takes a commitment of 8 weeks, on your preferred day (Monday through Thursday) the hours are 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. at the Center, 580 E. Stevens St., Indianapolis, IN 46203..

Training:  Spanish class is offered to facilitate communications between Hispanics and others in the workplace and social setting.  It is not needed for the tutoring of the children.   .

Contact: Terry McGuire 317-823-1145.