Birthright Shower

birthright baby 975

We will host a baby shower for Birthright.  We need your help.  Our donations are way down this year.  Even if you are unable to come to church on Sundays, the office is open during the week to drop off donations.

Birthright is a non-profit organization which provides alternatives to abortion for women.  Birthright provides emotional support and practical assistance for anyone distressed by an untimely pregnancy.  Our goal is to help provide necessities for the babies whose mothers cannot.  Birthright accepts NEW baby items. This year we are providing items for the Birthright agencies in both Cicero & Logansport.


You will NOT be taking a tag from the tree.

Listed below is a list of the items needed.

Please select an item(s) from the list below, purchase the item(s) and return them to the gathering space by June 30th.

Wrapping Paper is not needed.


      • Diapers, all sizes
      • Blankets
      • Burp cloths
      • Bibs: girls and unisex
      • Girls and Boys sleepers 0 to 12 months
      • Onesies  3>6 months & 6 >9 months
      • Blanket sleepers up to 9 months
      • Children’s outfits, all sizes
      • Children’s jackets and sweaters
      • Crib sheets
      • 8 oz. Playtex bottles & liners
      • 8 oz. regular bottles
      • Infant socks & Hats
      • Maternity undies (all sizes)
      • Maternity clothes (all sizes)
      • Maternity PJs (all sizes)

Please bring any items for Birthright to the the church by June 30th.