Parish Council Members

The Parish Council serves as the representative body of the People of God at Holy Spirit Parish at Geist in a consultative relationship of shared responsibility with the Pastor.

The purpose of the Parish Council is to prayerfully discern the needs of the parish community;

serve as a vehicle for constructive dialogue with the parish community, serve as a consultative body to the Pastor, recommend the development and implementation of programs to the areas of ministry; and provide direction, encouragement, and affirmation to the areas of ministry.


Members of the Parish Council are appointed according to our bylaws and serve staggered 3-year terms beginning January 1 of each year.


The current members of Parish Council are: 

Administration Tammy Futa
Liturgy Eddie Rivers
Chair Janet Wiedman
Outreach Kathryn Witcher
Community Steve Stevens
Communications Jennifer Zink
Education Mindy Stephenson
Athletics Jim Verona
At Large Aaron Jones
At Large/Secretary Susan Crawley
At Large/Vice Chair Rob Marusa
Bldg / Grounds  Rob Furgal
Ex-Officio Members  
Finance Committee Chair Robert Long
Pastor Fr. Dan Gartland
Associate Pastor Fr. Sean Aaron