Parish Council Members

The Parish Council serves as the representative body of the People of God at Holy Spirit Parish at Geist in a consultative relationship of shared responsibility with the Pastor.

The purpose of the Parish Council is to prayerfully discern the needs of the parish community; serve as a vehicle for constructive dialogue with the parish community, serve as a consultative body to the Pastor, recommend the development and implementation of programs to the areas of ministry; and provide direction, encouragement, and affirmation to the areas of ministry.


Members of the Parish Council are appointed according to our bylaws and serve staggered 3-year terms beginning January 1 of each year.


The current members of Parish Council are: 


Fr. Dale Ehrman     Pastor

Fr. Matthew Arbuckle    Parochial Vicar

Fr. Cole Daily    Parocial Vicar

Eddie Rivers    Liturgy

Jim Verona      Athletics

Janet Weidman     Chairperson

Rob Fugal       Building and Grounds

Tammy Futa       Administration

Steve Stevens     Community

Rob Marusa        At-Large / Vice Chair

Mindy Stephenson    Education

Kathryn Witcher      Outreach

Jennifer Zink      Communication

Susan Crawley    At-Large / Secretary

Adam Howell      At Large

Bob Long       Finance, Ex-Officio Member