2019 Financial Report

2019 Overview

We are pleased to report that our bottom line was favorable compared to plan with significantly higher receipts and slightly lower expenditures compared to budget.

Cash receipts for the year totaled $2.81 million. Over 95% of cash receipts is made up of your weekly and special gift contributions. We thank you for your generosity!

Operating cash expenditures were $2.31 million for 2019. Our operating cash expenditures were slightly under plan mostly due to a staffing change and also lower than expected repairs and maintenance. This was offset by over $20,000 of non-capital costs related to our Adding to the Bricks campaign.

We spent nearly $115,000 on capital projects in 2019. This included work on our parking lots, new lighting in the Parish Life Center, computer equipment and upgrades and various other items.

Our cash reserves increased this year by nearly $500,000. We plan to utilize these funds in the future for the on-going maintenance and repairs of our facilities and grounds and future construction to meet our Parish needs including the Adding to the Bricks campaign, as discussed below.


Looking Ahead to 2020

For 2020, we are projecting cash receipts of $2.50 million. This is lower than 2019 cash receipts because we are unsure if the higher contributions will continue in part due to a recently announced pandemic, this being an election year and other evolving factors creating uncertainty of the economy and volatility in the stock markets. Total expenditures for 2020 are expected to be $2.40 million. Expenditures are expected to be up slightly from 2019 largely due to additional staffing and related costs and expenditures mandated by the Diocese. Planned capital improvements are slightly over $50,000 in 2020. The improvements primarily include new computer equipment, new heating equipment in the Church and additional lighting.

Adding to the Bricks Campaign

2019 marked the 25th anniversary of our current parish facilities. After much study, discussions and praying, we began a campaign called Adding to the Bricks of God’s Kingdom which will allow us to increase the size of our campus by adding much needed space for our many retreats, sports activities, and meetings. We have hired Meyer/Najem, a local Fisher’s construction company to oversee construction of the facility. We have also met with the design professionals to remodel the Parish Life Center kitchen and enlarge the walk-in refrigerator and freezer by 50%. We are hoping to break ground around the end of May. We could not do this without the generosity of our parishioners and we look forward to sharing more information about the projects.

Fruitful Harvest

We last conducted a Fruitful Harvest Campaign for our Lafayette Diocese in 2018. We were given a goal of $689,000 and parishioners responded generously with pledges that exceed our goal. Through the end of 2019 we have received payments of 91% of our goal. Please remember to get your Fruitful Harvest contributions in so we can support the Lafayette Diocese’s mission. Once our goal is paid, we will then receive 10% of our goal back from the Diocese which we will use to support our many outreach programs.

Our Numbers

Our parish community includes over 2,600 families. We have over 1,000 children enrolled in our K-12 religious education programs. Our athletic programs had over 2,050 players and coaches. We sponsor many hospitality, community, and Christian service programs including among others: Stephen Ministry, Coffee and Donuts,
Men’s Club, Moms Ministry, Sponsor Couples, CHRP, Noah’s Nursery, SoulCore, GriefShare, Garden of God’s Children, Helping Hands, Homebound Visitations, Shawl Ministry, Bible Studies, Funeral Lunches, and Hospital Visitation. Through the efforts and dedication of many volunteers, these programs provide opportunities to support others and develop lasting relationships that strengthen our spirit and faith.

Outreach Initiatives

We are truly blessed to have such a caring and generous community. Our ministry is not limited to our Holy Spirit Parish family. Through your support, our Outreach programs continue to help provide hope and improve the lives of many people.

Your support of the many campaigns and drives facilitated by Holy Spirit Parish to help others is exceptional. Tens of thousands are helped through our outreach initiatives providing Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving baskets, Birthright baby needs, meals for the homeless, canned food, clothing, furniture, school supplies, Easter baskets, counseling, RAMPs, birthday parties for children living in shelters, mission trips, and significant financial support to many agencies and churches in the surrounding area to help provide food, rent, and utility assistance.

Our Campus Supports the Community

Our beautiful campus also supports our local community in numerous ways. The tranquility and natural beauty of our campus attracts countless walkers to our prayer path and gardens. Children enjoy the fun of our playground. Nearly 5,500 meals are served during our annual Men’s Club Fish Fries. We are a voting site for May and November elections. We provide parking for the 4th of July Fireworks on the bridge. We also hold the Annual Firefighters fundraiser supporting families of firefighters killed in the line of duty.

Once Again….Thank You!

We are truly blessed to have such a caring and giving parish family. Thank you for your time, your talents and your financial contributions. Thank you and May God Bless You.


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