How To Listen To Kids

How to Listen to Your Kids.......So They Will Want To Talk To You

Sunday November 12 and November 19 6pm-7:30pm

Do you want to be an “askable” parent? One that your child can approach? Communication is such an important part of our relationships with our children! How can we develop positive communication with them? What strategies will help us raise responsible, resilient and resourceful children?

Over the course of two sessions, we will examine this important topic. We will learn about different parenting styles and their impact on parent-child relationships. We will check out various communication "blockers” that create obstacles between our children and us. Practicing the process of "active listening,” will enable us to better understand and help our children. Using communication techniques that build relationships will be shared.

NOTE: You can attend one or both of the sessions. Material for each session is different, so each one is a "stand-alone" session

Registration is requested. Click here for registration. Session is for parents only; childcare may be available

If you have questions please contact Shannon at or 317-585-1257







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