Funeral Planning - Prayers at the Visitation (wake) at the Parish

There are several opportunities for prayer before, after or during the visitation at the parish. These can be adapted for your particular circumstances. Families may choose, but are not required, to include prayer at any of these times:

Prayers when the family gathers at the parish
Sometimes it is helpful for family to spend time together prior to meeting friends and acquaintances.  A short prayer service, outlined below, can ease the transition between the private and public visitation. The service consists of the following:

Prayers to open the visitation to non-family

The order of prayer would be similar to that listed above

Eulogies or Remembrances

The purpose of the remembrance is to assist those who did not know your loved well appreciate his/her best qualities.  It can suggest to those present how to honor your loved one’s memory by following his/her example.
Remembrances (eulogies) may be offered at these times:

It is the practice of Holy Spirit Parish at Geist to omit eulogies during the funeral Mass.

Prayers to close the visitation

The visitation closing prayer service can include an opportunity for the reading of one or more remembrances (eulogies) of the deceased.   Should they so choose, family members can be involved in selecting and reading the Scriptures, reading the prayers of intercession and reading the remembrance(s).  The prayer can be adapted for your particular needs. The order of prayer is:

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