Funeral Planning - Funeral Mass Choices

Presence of Body or Cremains

The funeral Mass can take place with either the body or cremains present. The Parish staff will assist you in planning the funeral Mass.

If no remains are present, a Memorial Mass can be arranged. . 

Making Selections

Family members are encouraged to be involved in selecting the hymns and scriptures that will be part of the funeral rites. 

Hymns sung during the funeral Mass are generally chosen from the parish hymnal. Choosing well-known hymns assists those present in participating fully in the Funeral Mass.

Scripture selections usually include a reading from the Old Testament, one from the New Testament and a Gospel. There are occasions when two selections from the New Testament are read in addition to the Gospel. The responsorial psalm, between the first and second readings, is usually sung. The Parish Staff will provide you with book of suggested Scripture passages, but you are not limited to those included in the book.

There are many opportunities for family and friends to participate in the funeral Mass. Family and friends may:

If your family prefers, parishioners may serve in the ministries listed above.

Eulogies or Remembrances
It is the practice of Holy Spirit Parish at Geist to omit eulogies during the funeral Mass.
The purpose of the remembrance is to assist those who did not know your loved well appreciate his/her best qualities.  It can suggest to those present how to honor your loved one’s memory by following his/her example.
Remembrances (eulogies) may be offered at these times:

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