Holy Spirit Parish at Geist

From the Desk of Fr. Dan

From the Desk of Fr. Dan

We are coming to the close of the current diocesan appeal, Fruitful Harvest 2016 Stewards of Christ … Sharing Our Gifts”.  As a diocese, we have hit 95% of our Fruitful Harvest goal, and we have confidence in reaching 100%.  Please remember if you have a current pledge       balance, all gifts must be received and posted no later than Sept. 1, 2018 in the Fruitful Harvest Office.

The last redemption notice will be mailed in August 2018. Their last statement will be mailed in December 2018. If you wish to make a gift electronically please visit the diocesan website at www.dol-in.org. Go to Donate Now at the top of the home page and follow the instructions provided. Thank you for your continued stewardship and prayers for our parishes and our diocese.

In Christ,

Fr. Dan

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