Holy Spirit Parish at Geist

From the Desk of Fr. Dan

From the Desk of Fr. Dan

With the beautiful weather, I want to remind everyone that since the summer weather has arrived, I hope that people will think twice about what they should wear to Mass.  As we gather to worship, we gather to  assist one another in being in union with God.  We come to be nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ, to be strengthened for the battles we daily fight.  Therefore let us assist each other in our prayer life by wearing clothes that are not a distraction. 

Let us dress in a way that allows others to stay focused on Jesus and not what we are wearing.  In other words, let us thank God for the gift of air conditioning and dress with Christian modesty.  If you have a doubt about an outfit, please do not wear it.  Shorts and dresses should not be too short and shoulders should be covered. 


Fr Dan

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