Family and Friends of Addicted Loved Ones Support Group

Family and friends of addicted loved ones...

(NO MEETING on Holy Thursday).

Addiction is a family disease. Are you feeling like you're on an island, that friends and loved ones just don't understand what you're going through? Do you have questions but just not sure how to ask, or even who can answer them?

You have friends at Holy Spirit who are walking this same journey and would love to meet you! There are times when we've asked ourselves where God is in this cyclone of addiction; other times we've felt Jesus' presence in a brief moment of peace that defied the chaos that surrounded us.

What the Family of Addicted Loved Ones support group offers is the warmth and connection of God's church -us- as wounded healers for each other. The peace of Christ, which surpasses all understanding, gently settles in our group every Thursday evening at 7:00 (PLC room 56), and for that brief hour and a half there is calm, hope, and renewed faith. When the Body of Christ comes together on these Thursdays, there is a bit of laughter, maybe some tears, and ALWAYS a sense of God's Grace and peace.

We'd love to have you join us!

Contact Janie at (317)531-0707 for more information.


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