Anointing The Sick

Christian Service

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Annulment Unlike civil courts, in which an annulment means that a marriage never happened, a Declaration of Nullity of a Marriage in the Catholic Church means that the marriage was not a valid covenant.. more
Bereavement The Bereavement Ministry at Holy Spirit is a ministry of consolation.  Its purpose is to offer solace to those people who are grieving the loss of a loved one so that they may experience the comfort of God through the faith community at Holy Spirit. more
Counseling Parishioners may contact our licensed clinical social worker and clinical addition counselor for counseling and referrals to local professionals for mental health and addiction treatment of children, adolescents, couples, and families. more
Creation Care The mission of the Creation Care Ministry is to promote the joyful stewardship of our earth through spirituality, simplicity, and sustainability. more
Drivers Ministry The parish office has occasional requests for rides to Mass. We would like to develop a list of drivers.. more
Elizabeth Ministry Offering hope, help, and healing on issues related to relationships, sexuality and childbearing more
Funeral Meals For grieving families, this ministry provides much needed comfort in a time of sorrow.This ministry organizes and prepares funeral meals.: more
Heartprints Heartprints offers a monthly support group meeting specifically for parents who are grieving the loss of their baby during pregnancy, at birth or shortly after birth no matter how much time has passed since the loss. more
Helping Hands

This ministry provides warm home-cooked meals as needed to fellow parishioners who are ill, recovering from surgery, or in a state of crisis or an extra set of hands to help with child care or aging parents.more

Homebound Visitation Ministers visit and bring the Eucharist to elderly and infirmed parishioners confined to their own homes or the residents of local nursing homes.  more
Hospital Visitation Going to be hospitalized? Stephen Ministers are trained to listen to your concerns. This person will pray with you and make sure you are brought Holy Communion. more
Parish Librarian Help process and catalogue books, videos and audios in the parish library. more
Prayer Chain The prayer ministry provides support for prayer intentions (both needs and praises) of parishioners.  It is done on each parishioner's own time.  more
Shawl Ministry Prayer Shawls are lovingly made to be given to those undergoing medical procedures, as a comfort after a loss or in times of stress, during bereavement or an illness and recovery. more
Sponsor Couples Sponsor Couples are parish members who have been married at least 5 years and are willing to share the lessons of their life journey with engaged couples preparing for the sacarment of marriage. more
Stephen Ministry Stephen Ministers are trained and willing to walk beside a hurting person.  Through this one-on-one caring relationship they listen, encourage, pray, support, and maintain confidences in order to help their brother or sister in Christ to heal and/or grow. more




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